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Chakra 101

Leanne Gruending

Why do chakras matter anyways? Don’t these words sound nice: safe,  balanced, empowered, loving, able to speak your truth, calm, and connected?

That’s the dream right? Right. The idea with chakras is that when you are nicely aligned (have all your chakra ducks in a row) life is GOOD. #Blissful even. The idea is also that when your chakras are out of alignment there’s the chance for physical, emotional and mental discomfort. 

Maslow actually spoke about this with his Heirachy of Needs. Like Maslow, Chakra theory suggests there are key areas or categories where our life can go out of whack (the Seven chakras or energy centres) however, unlike Maslow your condition in life isn’t something you simply experience. Chakra theory or Reiki, basic wellness or whatever you want to call it is all about working to “unblock” the areas in life (or energy centres) that are out of whack. In essence- it’s all about realizing where you’re stuck (or blocked) and working to get yourself #unstuck.

There’s lots of amazing people out there thank can help you on this journey- #Reiki practitioners like @belleamehealing or myself- but most importantly- YOU. You are your own greatest asset to get those chakra ducks in a row. It’s work, but you got this.

So let's do a really quick review of our energy centers. I find one of the best and easiest ways to tell if you disconnected or a little out of whack (or let's be honest- a lot....) is to check in with yourself- honestly - about how you're feeling instant word association style, before your brain has a chance to lie to your body with the good ole, "We're fine. everything's fine." 

Here's a little secret - most of us are NOT FINE. And that's ok. What matters is if we care enough about ourselves to work towards fine.

So quick check in: for each section of affirmations see what makes you uncomfortable...


  • I am grounded and supported
  • I joyfully nourish my mind, body and spirit
  • I have enough, I know enough, I am enough
  • I am open to new ideas and experiences
  • I accept that good health is my natural path


  • I forgive my past and embrace my life fully
  • I realize all the goodness that surrounds me
  • I am creative and strong. I am capable
  • I listen to my inner truth, I honour and care for myself.
  • I feel good about my body

Solar Plexus

  • I am enough and what I do is enough
  • I love myself, I value myself, I trust myself
  • I am powerful, radiant, magnificent being of light
  • I permit myself to enjoy everything I do
  • I am powerful because I am gentle


  • I know that everything is interconnected
  • I accept myself and others as we are
  • I deserve love, health, happiness and prosperity
  • I give and receive love WITHOUT CONDITIONS
  • I feel stronger, more alive and energized each day


  • I easily speak my truth, I easily express myself
  • I own my power and feel fully alive
  • I am calm, confident and centered
  • I trust my life is unfolding exactly as it should

Third Eye

  • I am passionate, powerful and productive
  • I am guided by my inner wisdom
  • I am connected with my highest truth
  • I am at all times safe, loved, guided and protected


  • I honour my body as a temple of my soul
  • I am LOVE, I am JOY, I am FREEDOM, I am PEACE
  • I am complete and one with the divine energy
  • I am peaceful, whole and balance


As you read through some of these you were probably thinking - I wish I felt that way. Or sure... I feel this way sometimes. No worries! This is not a competition. We ALL have stuff to work on. But! The purpose of this little affirmation check in was to figure out a starting point.

Consider where you started being less sure your answer was a solid, "YES! I feel this way!" Check in with the words and feelings that were difficult to relate to. Start with your lower Chakras and do some googling. There are AMAZING guided meditations on you tube to help start shifting your blocks.

Like I said - you got this!


My favourite chakra stones..... 

Crown - White - #Zeolite 

3rd Eye - #Amethyst

Throat - #Aquamarine

Heart - #Emerald

Solar Plexus - #Citrine

Sacral - #Sunstone

Root - #smokyquartz

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