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What You Are Now

Byond The Looking Glass Gems

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What You Are Now
What You Are Now

“Let the sea swallow your memories, and embrace what you are now.” - The Skin of the Sea

Featuring a beautiful, intricate Mother of Pearl pendant, this necklace will elevate any outfit with its timeless elegance. Embrace your inner mermaid and add this unique piece to your collection!"


A lightweight yet amazingly strong material, mother of pearl can bring both levity and strength to those in its presence. Its energy carries within it a very soothing quality for both the body and mind, linked to the gentle movement of water

The name mother of pearl probably comes from the fact that pearls are “born” within the nacre-lined “belly” of the mollusk, making mother-of-peal a maternal archetype of sorts—a symbol of the divine feminine and motherly wisdom, full of love and nurturing that can even bring balance to the female hormones.

Mother of pearl’s luminous glow is thought to symbolize its quality as a source of connection to light, clarity, and intuition—helping its wearers to feel guided and confident in their decisions and discernment.

And, of course, its physical role as shield against irritants reflects mother of pearl’s metaphysical role as a defender and protector, hindering and transforming negative energy.

  • Sterling silver or 14kt goldfill
  • 18” chain (unless otherwise requested on checkout)
  • reiki infused

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