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Of the Sea

Byond The Looking Glass Gems

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Of the Sea
Of the Sea

You are of the sea now” - Skin of the Sea

"Add a touch of the sea to your outfit with this geometric aquamarine necklace. Perfect for those who love to stand out with a unique style.”


The mermaid stone is a song from the deep and brings whispers of salt-water fables, cleansing swims, and water, water everywhere. 
It is written into Ancient Greek mythology that Aquamarine washed ashore from the toppled treasure chests of the sirens. Those creatures from the Odyssey who would sing to tempt men into the murky waters. It was a sacred stone to Neptune and carried with it the call of the ocean always. Above all it was believed to be a beautiful healer.


When it comes to keeping your mental and emotional wellness afloat, this is where Aquamarine as one of the best healing crystals truly seems to shine. The blue green coloring instantly promotes calm, bringing a wash of relief to a scorched and frayed soul.  Thanks to its gentle joyous moods of balancing out emotion, Aquamarine ensures your emotions don’t seep into overwhelm. It has a powerful tendency to keep you feeling soft and balanced and soaked in emotional clarity, so you are able to set aside all judgement and be tolerant of yourself and others.

Those who have a mind that tends to surge out of control, Aquamarine brings you back to the here and now. It is an amazing stone for tempering anxiety and thanks to its super chill nature, it is often used in bringing about a deeply meditative state.

The Aquamarine is also called the Stone of Courage, paying homage to the inner strength and soft resilience it builds inside, not to mention its nurturing ability to help you step out of the shadows and into the light. Aquamarine works with the throat chakra to keep your voice steady and brings strength to the soul. It’s high time for overwhelm to be washed away so you can step out into clear-headed communication and start getting the things you want in life.

  • Sterling silver or 14kt Goldfill chain
  • 18” chain unless otherwise requested on checkout
  • reiki infused

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