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Byond The Looking Glass Gems

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“I did not stop, my life force surging free, running through my veins like a river undammed. Strong, indomitable, roiling with power. Brighter than the infinite stars, more luminous than the moon.”

- Daughter of the Moon Goddess

Opal is full of high vibrational energy, amplification powers, and a perfect sense of balance. It not only kickstarts your creative heart but can also bring renewed hope, good karma, balance, and regulation. Opal can also be a good luck charm, helping the wearer to attract amazing things into their aura. 

Despite its spellbinding, dream enhancing glory opal is an awesome amulet for those who need a little help and support getting balanced. With big emotions, changing times, and all kinds of chaos in the world it can be tricky to keep our feet. But Opal lends a hand and sends its energy to keep our feet rooted, our heart open, our throat singing, and our crown clear and flooded with light. 

  • reiki infused
  • 30” chain
  • sterling silver or 14kt goldfill

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