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Throat Chakra

🌈 Throat Chakra 🌈

Affirmation: Talk Less. Listen More

Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, is a power center and the place where you are able to Speak and Live your Truth with conviction. Here, you'll find your confidence, independence and a sense of security. 

Developed during the years of 29-35 years old (no coincidence there) this is the space where you're able to live from experience and SHOW UP in the world as you authentic, rad self. 

But you know what? You’re not showing up as a flashy peacock or in some mask that feels unfamiliar. You’re showing up as yourself- comfortable in your skin, without make up knowing the value you bring.

👉🏻 Because of your experiences, you are able to live in this world from a higher perspective. The throat chakra is where you begin to speak up for yourself, be receptive, live your truth, learn your dharma, communicate your needs, and keep your thoughts elevated. Because girl- you are ready to keep those thoughts elevated 💪🏻

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