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Siddhartha Fall/Winter 2019

Siddhartha is a book that speaks to recognizing we cannot reach enlightenment because we are told about it or we read about it. We must practice. We have to OWN our unique journey- the enlightened and the less than enlightened. We are who we will be. Though we journey, if we are caught up in seeking our final destination, we might never find. In the end coming to the greatest realization of all- that the only true doctrine is LOVE.

Siddhartha is a collection focused on the geometric layers we find in sacred geometry combined with a journey through the chakras focusing on our lower and mid chakras (onyx, tourmaline, garnet, sunstone, citrine) until reaching the heart chakra (green aventurine, rose quartz). With accents of aquamarine to remind us to listen and surrender and selenite and blue kyanite to help restore, cleanse and align on this journey in search of OM. It is as it will be.

You are who you are meant to be. Live in the light of now, not the shadow of the past or future as it is all now. Your experiences create you- have gratitude for ALL of them. Surrender yourself to your journey.

Love- it is our greatest truth.

BE- it will unfold.

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