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Root Chakra

Affirmation: Fear Less. Love More.
The Root Chakra relates to security and safety. Translated in Sanskrit as Muladara, this chakra develops around ages 0-7 years. Associated with the Earth, the name of this chakra coincides with its literal purpose as it brings us to our foundation and back to basics.

•Here, we find our habits and our self-acceptance. •
We consistently hear talk in the modern spiritual world to "raise the vibration. raise the vibration!" Raising the vibration is great, ⠀⠀

• but if we aren't grounded, there is no way we can withstand the storm that may be coming through. •
As part of the lower triangle we see in the seven chakras, we must allow ourselves to be grounded in our physical body before we even tackle our spiritual body.
The power of the Root Chakra grounds us into our being. ⠀⠀
👉🏻When we find ourselves with a solid and strong foundation, we are able to confidently move forward towards the direction of our dreams. We are here to find stability and safety in our being so that we can show the world just what we’re made of.👈🏻 ⠀⠀

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