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Practical Magic

If Libra season is the balance of light and dark, then Scorpio season is the deepest dark and the most dazzling light. It is about diving into your depths and embracing yourself there.

The Practical Magic collection embodies the energy of Scorpio and the magic that is within all of us. A story that traces the generational lines of women who try to hide from their true self but realize that by playing small and denying their truth- happiness and meaning  is impossible. Only once they claim themselves- the light and the dark- do these women become true potential. 

Practical Magic is a deeply rooted collection that encourages you to claim and protect your root chakra primal energy with garnet and onyx, manifest your life and own your confidence with citrine, tiger eye, and pyrite and transform into your most magical self with herkimer diamonds, crystal quartz, moonstone and labradorite. 

Only once you know and accept your deepest self can you crack open to let in the light of your most magical being.

And really - isn't it about time?

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