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Peter Pan - Fall/Winter 2020

All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust

What can you expect from this collection? I hope to have captured the quixotic nature of the world of Peter Pan, bringing a little light and wonder back to a sometimes less than sparkly modern world. The whimsy of Tinkerbell, the strength of Tiger Lily, and the classic stylings of Wendy mixed in with celestial elements that remind me of what a journey to Neverland might be like. 

The Tinkerbell collection features moons, sparkle and aura quartz (platinum/titanium infused crystals) focusing on the third eye and crown chakras.

The Wendy collection features classic lines with an updated twist and features the Super Seven Crystal in the Modern Mala, an abundance of pearls, aquamarine (for flow), rose quartz (for love) and lapis (for wisdom- because don’t you know girls are “far too clever”.)

The Tiger Lily collection features bold lines and designs featuring Tiger Eye (for courage and confidence), Labradorite (for possibility) and Peach Moonstone (for creativity) and Onyx (for strength and protection). 

And for Peter? A boy who chooses to forever live in the moment? I chose Jade (joy & luck) and prehnite (the stone that heals the healer) because at the end of it all-to live (truly live) is an awfully big adventure.

I hope you love this eclectic collection as much as I have loved creating it. I hope it brings you joy, wonder and the light of all the winking stars ❤️

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