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Heart Chakra

Affirmation: Judge Less. Accept More

The journey to the heart chakra- by healing ourselves we heal the world entire.

We must be willing to do the work to heal and transmute our trauma, limiting beliefs, and the stories we've been telling ourselves that have kept us playing small- because girl- if you haven’t told yourself this enough lately YOU’RE AMAZING.
Anahata, the Heart Chakra is developed between the ages of 22-28. There's no accident that most of our 20s we are doing the true work of self-discovery. ⠀⠀
The heart is the center piece that allows the balance of the lower physical body and the upper spiritual body, which allow us to expand our minds, keeping our feet on the ground and our head in the stars.

⠀⠀ 👉🏻As you open your heart, trust the process of life, honor what arises, heal those emotional wounds, forgive, connect, cultivate healthy relationships, transcend those limiting beliefs and most of all, have fun. You came here to enjoy this human experience. 👈🏻 ⠀⠀

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