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Baby Grunget Collection

Our infertility journey has been a long one.

When Ray and I first met- I told him on our very first date if he didn’t want kids this would be our last date. Lucky for me, not only did Ray also want kids, we moved in together after our second date. That was 2017.

We’re now into year 5 of trying to conceive. We have had:

  • 5 failed IUIs
  • 3 failed IVFs
  • 4th IVF resulted in 1 blastocyte
  • 1 cancelled FET

We transferred our one golden embryo January 27th, 2022. Seven days later we found out that for the first time in 5 years we were pregnant ❤️

After 2 weeks of bliss I found out I had a bleeding condition called a subchorionic hemorrhage at 6 weeks pregnant. Around 8 weeks we lost our little Phoebe.

Loss is devastating. But when you have infertility it’s compounded by the reality to get another chance you’ll have to come up with another $15,000.


So that’s what this collection is all about- a collection where 100% of the sales goes to fund our pursuit of a family.

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