Spread Love Like Confetti

Byond The Looking Glass Gems

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Spread Love Like Confetti


To me- PRIDE has always been much more of a celebration of love than Valentines ever has been. It’s a time when we can celebrate how lucky we are to be able to love the people we do, and to make sure others have that same right. 


Every year I make a new delightfully gemmy #PRIDE design. This 30” hand-tasseled beauty, 💕Spread Love Like Confetti 💕 is filled with all the best stones...

✨Coral✨ Love & Prosperity

✨Sunstone ✨ Life’s Sweetness & cutting ties to what not longer serves us

✨Citrine✨ The Happiness Stone

✨Green Aventurine✨ Luck & Opportunity

✨Amazonite✨ Soothing Emotional Trauma

✨Fluorite✨ Cleansing Negativity

With a ✨Rose Quartz ✨ focal stone for universal love and acceptance 💕

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